The Lost Ring

I was very surprise when i received message from my wife that she lost her wedding ring. She looked so worry and ask help from me to find the ring. I asked to remember everything she do. Our is small, and i believe i can find it. “Please keep looking and wait for me to come back from office” , I said.

I looked to my left finger, my wedding ring is still love to attached. I remembered we share and use our wedding ring on 14 November 2009, St. Therese. Our sacred marriage.

I tried finished my work as soon as possible and quickly go home.
When i arrived, i looked at her. She carried my son, Ethan. Her face was looked afraid. I think she felt guilty to have lose the ring. And i know, the ring is very valuable for her.

rings-684944_640Honestly, our ring is not very expensive. We bought it for S$500 few years ago before our marriage. A small simple white gold.

I looked around my home but i couldn’t find it, until i saw her face with very big smile. She said to me, “I found it”. The ring is already attached on her left finger.

Some people thought that the wedding ring should be expensive, with big diamond or gold attached to it, to show how is valuable the wedding is. But when i saw my wife face, i knew the value of the ring is not that important thing.

That ring is sharing the meaning of our marriage that we go thru, our life, …. And share how sacred our marriage is.

Bless all the people who see the marriage as a sacred life of both husband and wife to be.


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