Pass Away

A short bed conversation with my son who is going to four years in August 2016. A sudden topic: Pass Away. I need to explain to him in simple and soft words.angel-431174_640

Son: “Daddy, why people pass away?”
Daddy: “Every people will pass away when they are older”.

Son: “Did they go to heaven?”
Daddy: “Yes, they will go to Heaven”.

Son: “Why they go to heaven?”
Daddy: “When they become older, Jesus will call them to come back and meet Him in Heaven”.

Son: “Daddy, will you pass away?”
Daddy: “Everybody will pass away someday. Daddy will too”.

Son: “Your hair become white and you become sick, and then pass away?”
Daddy: “Yes, son”.

Son: “I don’t want you pass away”. — his eyes become sad.
Daddy: “Why? You know that Jesus will call daddy someday because He love me”.

Son: “Because I love you. When you pass away, I will find you. I don’t want you go”.
Daddy: “I love you too. But you need to let daddy go someday”.

Son: “I don’t want. Later, nobody will hug and kiss me. Nobody sleep beside me. Nobody play with me. I really love you”.
Daddy: “You will find someone someday. On that day, don’t forget about me and your mommy. Always love and care daddy and mommy.

Son: “I will always love you, daddy”.
Daddy: “I love you, son”.

Silent. He slept with his beautiful smile and holding my arm on his tummy.


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