Khemsie, The Imaginary Friend

You always told me that you have a friend. His name is Khemsie (spelling based on what you always mentioned, not sure it is correct or not haha).

You always said he is your grandfather. I checked my father and your father name, but none of them have name Khemsie haha.

When I asked how old is he? You said he is one year old, sometimes changed to two years, three years, four years, and sometimes become grandpa.

And Khemsie always goes to everywhere he likes. Every place. He is funny and always play with you. He always happy and cheer up.

“Where did you find him?” I asked. You said you met him at Marina Bay and Batam. Oh my goodness. Haha.

If someday you read this, just be like Khemsie. Happy, funny, and cheerful. Freedom. Pure heart. It’s just like Riley and Bing Bong in the movie, Inside Out. You should watch this movie!

Don’t lose hope when you sad and desperate. Be like Khemsie ;). You are Ethan. The happiest and cheerful kid.

Love from your Dad!


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