The Light In The Dark

I did angry with you before …..

I told one story about you and me. 28 February 2016 in the good afternoon. I had asked you to draw and color whatever you like in the medal picture.

I left about 10 minutes to do something. When I came to see you again, I saw you black out the medal picture.

I asked you, “why did you black it out?”. And you answered me, “there is a cross inside, but you cannot see it”.

I was very angry that day. I thought you are lazy. But you kept saying that I cannot see it, there is a cross inside.

So … I took eraser and start to erase it. And ….I was really surprise. Yes … There is a cross in it. You didn’t lie to me. 

On that day, everytime I talked with you, I always put myself as you. To see you from your perspective so I can understand you more.

Learn from our story. Don’t put your anger above everything. Try to see from other perspective. There are always something behind of every action that people did to you. 

Always take it easy and appreciate it.

From our precious story 😊

PS: I did put in the facebook post, but I think better keep it here 😅


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