First ‘LOVE’

The first time you talking about love was surprising me and your mommy.

You always talked about someone named Olivia. “She is more pretty than mommy and I love her so much”.

I tried to drive you to always say “my best friend” instead of “my love”, just to make you understand that love for a toddler is like having a close friend to play.

Sometimes it was really funny when you talked about her. “Gary Koh take Olivia my love from me, daddy!”. I am driving you again,”You mean, Olivia – your best friend?”. And you reply,”Ah yes daddy, my best friend. He took my best friend!”.

One day, you asked me to sit down beside you. And you started to draw a heart, a word LOVE, a girl, and a boy. You told me,”Me and Olivia LOVE”. Haha.

Luckily mommy have snapped a picture Olivia with you :). We kept it as one of your very best moment when you was a toddler.

PS: don’t be shy :). You must proud that you had a very beautiful moment.


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