About Us

What is Miracle?

Based on Merriam-Webster Online:

1. an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs

2. an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment

3. Christian Science :  a divinely natural phenomenon experienced humanly as the fulfillment of spiritual law

flower-887443_640Miracle is like a blessing. In the family prayer, I always spell it as unseen blessings. Do not count as quantities or sizes. It always comes without telling you. For us, everyday is a bless and miracle. We always teach our child in the beginning of the family prayer to say, “Dear Jesus, thanks for everything you have given to us”. It looked very simple and ordinary words to say, but it is very powerful to start your consolation.

We are not talking about religion or spreading your belief to others. Miracles is everywhere despite whatever your religion is. It didn’t discriminate you!

This blog is a manifestation about miracle within me and my family – sadness and happiness to share and see how the miracle and blessing are playing around it.

Miracle Always Happens!




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